Louie Waterloo Residences
Starting From The mid $500'S*
90% Sold

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Louie Waterloo Residences
Starting From The mid $500'S*
90% Sold

About Louie

With plush fixtures and luxury amenities, Louie is a new community at Albert & Columbia for the modern professional with a classic sensibility.

Outside, beautiful landscaping draws the eye to the ruby red brick veneer with charcoal, chest-nut and arctic frost accents. Inside, contemporary design elevates the common areas, including in cutting-edge fitness facilities, co-working spaces and debonair dining areas and terraces.


Creative Capital

Waterloo has attracted the greatest minds in the fields of science, technology and mathematics for decades. Before it became the real estate destination it is today, it was home to world-leading institutions, research and academic centres such as RIM, Google North, the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. Two of the country’s most esteemed universities—the University of Waterloo and Wilfred Laurier University—are also within walking distance of Louie.

There are many more pockets of brilliant minds throughout the city in the thriving small business and start-up scene. Low unemployment, above-average salaries, reasonable cost of living, and high quality of life are all major draws to one of the fastest-growing cities in the province.


Cultural Revelry

Waterloo is blossoming into a new cultural hub in southwestern Ontario. It hosts more than 60 year-round arts and cultural festivals, including the largest Oktoberfest outside Munich. Its shops and restaurants feature products and cuisines from all over the world.

Nightlife in Waterloo also comes with a much wider variety of options than most cities of its size—from bustling clubs and comfort-food pubs, to upscale restaurants, bars, eateries and lounges.

Modern Conveniences, Classic Sensibility.
Live At Louie.